Reunited at Last!

I’ve been reunited with the sea and it was glorious. Let’s hope we’re never kept apart again. ♡

I’m feeling very grateful, and also thinking about about how being separated  from the sea is nothing compared to the separations so many people across the world suffer. That disparity is something I often struggle with. Cognitively, I know that it’s important to recognise our own feelings and suffering, while also empathising with others, but emotionally is a different story! 

Ahimsa, the yogic philosophy of non-harm, can be helpful here. It means non-harm but it’s more than that. It’s about being compassionate with ourselves and others, AND actively working to dismantle systems of oppression. So when I struggle with comparing my suffering to that of others, as I know many of us do, I find that at least when I’m aware of it I can do something about it. I try to change my inner narrative to a more compassionate voice, while also doing something proactive to help others who are suffering. 

Suffering is not mutually exclusive and I’d only be harming myself by acting as if my suffering isn’t great enough to be acknowledged too. Don’t get me wrong, I fail regularly, but I do keep trying.

I totally intended this to be a simple day at the beach post but it kind of took a turn…that’s  what happens with over thinkers!

So for this moment I’ll just enjoy the beautiful experience I had today. Lockdown suffering over! We were so lucky, it rained all day at home and we had splitting sunshine an hour down the road.

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