Vaccinated Yogi

I got vaccinated last weekend and have been meaning to post about it since…but this heat, sure you
couldn’t be doing much (except figuring out where your next swim is coming from!)

I’ve decided to post about getting vaccinated because so many in the Yoga and “Wellness” industry are loudly proclaiming their opposition, without being challenged. Obviously, we have better things to do than get into online debates. But I actually read one yoga teacher belligerently comment that she wouldn’t want vaccinated people in her class in case they died in Savasanna. So I’m posting this to show that many of us are celebrating our vaccines!

It should go without saying I believe you should have total autonomy over your own body. Unfortunatley, I also believe that some people are refusing the vaccine based on pseudoscience and articles that are not peer review to the highest standards.

I have chosen to get vaccinated because I believe that the risks of the vaccine are far less than the risks of covid to humanity. I might be okay if I get covid, but people with compromised immune systems or those living in places without a good vaccine programme or decent healthcare might not.

To be honest, this narrative that vaccines are simply bad boggles my mind. I’m not saying you should take any vaccine without researching, but they save millions of lives! And it’s not that long ago that here in Ireland children were commonly dying from the likes of the measles.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been singing from the hilltops for years about how unethical and exploitative the pharmaceutical industry is. But of course it is! It’s a huge capitalist enterprise, and capitalism is inherently exploitative/fucking evil! But that doesn’t mean that all vaccines are automatically bad. The two ideas are not mutually exclusive.

So, I am very happily vaccinated for me and my community, and really it’s too hot to spend longer at the computer, so I’m off to jump in the river! Good day. ♡


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