Off The Booze Yogi

So it’s not the most important thing to have ever happened to humanity, but I haven’t drank any alcohol in over 5
weeks. The longest I’ve ever gone (aside from pregnancy and early days of breastfeeding) without any since I was about 15.

I didn’t really decide to give up for any length of time, just that I wasn’t enjoying how it was making me feel, so I thought I’d see where that took me. Now, I don’t exactly drink loads, but I do really enjoy alcohol. I like a glass or two of red on a Friday (and maybe a Saturday) evening, and I love a cold beer on a sunny day, so I would be a fairly regular drinker.

Since pausing my drinking I feel more clear headed, I’m more productive, at a time of year when I really need to be. I feel that my mood is more even, I’m more patient and this month my PMD symptoms are improved. Other side effects include drinking far more tea, enjoying the odd non-alcoholic beer and not arguing with my husband over who will drive.

So I’m not putting myself under any pressure but I’ll probably stick with it for another while, until I have some special occasion, and maybe it will change how quickly I’ll reach for it in future.

Anyone else giving up, thinking of giving up or can’t imagine ever giving up? It’s actually a good time, since it’s not like there’s much of a social life at the moment. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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