World Breastfeeding Week – My Last

For the month of July I did a Gratitude challenge on Instagram. This was my last post.

“I’m tired and not feeling like posting but it’s the last day of my gratitude challenge so instead of posting something non-descript to tick the box I’m posting this because it’s what I really feel most grateful for at the moment. I’m grateful for the 3 years I’ve had breastfeeding this boy and the two years I had previously. My journey ended 2 weeks ago. This is the last photo and the last feed. He was very sick with a throat infection and nursing to get nourishment, hydration, antibodies and more than anything, comfort.

It’s a bitter sweet moment for me. I’m very happy to be at the next stage but I’ll miss these special moments. Though it hasn’t always been easy, It’s been one of the greatest experiences of my life. So I’m grateful for my body and for the support and information I got from people when I needed it most. I was very lucky with the public health nurse I got, or my journey could have been cut very short. I was lucky too, that my mam breastfed which I think planted a subconscious seed that I would be able to no matter what, and lucky to have met lots of supportive people and groups who filled me with knowledge and a sense of empowerment and helped me to normalise natural term infant weaning.

It shouldn’t be a matter of luck. We need to do better to support women in their choices.

But back to gratitude. Today I’m just so grateful for those 5 years. Now bring on some fried eggs! (Haven’t been able to eat them because of baby boy’s allergies 😆)”







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