My Gratitude Challenge: What I Learned

For the month of July I did a gratitude challenge on Instagram, a simple idea, every day I had to post something for which I was truly grateful.  After months of lockdown and focussing on feeling the feelings, it was time to encourage a little positivity. So what did I learn from a month of posting my gratitude online? Well, it was a lot like the photo, a bit of fun, but not real yoga and if I only ever did this, I’d be left feeling performative, false and generally a bit icky.

Yoga on Inishboffin

So while parts were enjoyable and arose from genuine gratitude, some days I felt pressure to post something, and that invaded the sense of gratitude that might have been gained. I should have known really…sometimes I enjoy social media but I often don’t.

So I’ve learned, and this month I’m doing a private gratitude practise (see the idea below). I find this kind of (evidence based) gratitude so much more beneficial in reframing my thought patterns and improving my mood. I think it’s going to be another strange year ahead and many of us could use the extra help in keeping the little spark of optimism within us well nourished. Good luck with yours.


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