Coffee Lover Confession

Is Grá liom tea.

Just to start, I love coffee. I don’t drink tonnes of it but I drink it religiously every morning (and the occasional afternoon) for nearly 20 years (Jaysus I sound old). This last week however, mostly due to too much work related screen time and social media, lambing and calving related lack of sleep, and just being so busy I abandonned some of my self care habits….I felt heightened anxiety.

As soon as I drank my beloved coffee on Sunday morning and instantly felt more jittery and anxious, I knew we needed a break. And it was much easier than I ever imagined, we were ready. So in my hand is tea, less delicious smelling but very comforting, tea. I’m back on track with my self care and feeling much better already.

So we’ll see how we get on, me and tea. I might be back on the coffee by this afternoon.

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