Shoulder Relief

“My shoulders are killing me!” It’s such a strange choice of words that so many of us say regularly. Are they hurting us? Or are we hurting them? Maybe they’re just letting us know it’s time to move…away from the desk. Or maybe they’re protecting us, by bracing in expectation, when we’re stressed. It might not very helpful but that tension holding is there to protect us, and sometimes reframing the issue can be helpful in encouraging gratitude instead of exasperation.

So, if like me you’re at a desk more than usual, or your lifting children, or breastfeeding, or, like me, your body holds tension in the shoulders when you’re stress is elevated, then join me in giving your shoulders some love. Here’s a short practice for bringing shoulder relief, by stretching and consciously relaxing, as well as stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system which signals to the body that you are safe and you can let go.

And remind yourself of all that your shoulders allow you to do and experience – bear hugs, sports, dancing, cooking…the list goes on, and maybe even thank your shoulders!

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